EPPA has worked on REACH since the run up to the Commission’s proposals in 2001. We have been helping companies since 2003 to evaluate the impact of REACH on their business and to assist them in preparing for compliance. We have an in-depth understanding of the REACH system and have developed an excellent network including key EU and national officials, business associations and stakeholders.

We provide non-EU companies with Only Representative services and EU companies with compliance assistance. In the capacity of Only Representative we take full responsibility for your REACH compliance. We have assessed and defined the obligations for our clients and developed REACH implementation manuals and management plans tailor-made for each individual company. Subsequently we have done the pre-registration for companies all over the globe from the U.S.A to South-Africa. Currently we are handling the full registration process of companies from e.g. the US and Africa, and as these are based outside the EU, we act as their Only Representative, representing these companies in SIEFs and consortia in the EU, collecting data and performing laboratory tests.  

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