EPPA can register your substances produced in or exported to the EU. First we define which substances you need to register, check whether you benefit from any exemptions and identify the timeframe for the registration.

Then we will prepare your registration dossier by checking which data is available in-house and completing missing data with chemical analysis. A sameness check will be performed to verify the identity of the substance and to ensure you are involved in the right SIEF.

If you are based outside the EU we can act on your behalf as your Only Representative and represent your company in SIEFs and consortia.

If you are a European company that only requires technical assistance with your registration (e.g. chemical safety report) we can also help you. If you do not have the expertise or manpower in-house to participate in SIEFs and consortia we can perform these duties for you as your Third Party Representative.

We do everything needed for a complete and successful registration including entering the data set in IUCLID 5 for registration and submitting it to ECHA.



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